Wednesday, November 08, 2006

SPARKING The Education "Inner" Revolution

Enough said about our education system. It's time to for a total revolution of our young's minds.

The young minds needs to be nurtured as early as possible. For a perfect mould to form; the right content must be poured at the early stages for it to take it to take shape. When hardened, anything that's poured after it will take its shape following the core, which is the 1st layered mould. It makes a whole lot of difference to the individual.This can be done with the help of professionals that are experts in their respective field. The Education Ministry should hire internationally recognised professionals and motivational speakers for primary and secondary school levels.

Eg. Anthony Robbins - To unleash the power within young minds and their potentials,

Robert T. Kiyosaki - On the importance of managing personal finance, grow wealth, build & run a company, managing people (It can help students who are takes up commerce, economics and accounting to see the Big Picture and piece it together in their studies),

Tony Buzan - On mind mapping,

Adam Khoo - On Neuro Linguistic Programming...etc

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